Pakistan Air Force


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Pakistan Air Force:

When Karachi, Pakistan’s coastal mega city of over ten million was a tidy small town of 250, 000 in 1933, the British colonial government of India established the subcontinent’s first air force station near Drigh Road, now called Shara-e-Faisal Air Force Base. In 1934, this element of the Indian Air Force was extended to the north and the first air operations were launched in the North West Frontier Province to keep peace in the border areas along the Hindu Kush mountains. As World War II began in Europe reconnaissance aircraft, operating from a string of coastal air bases including Drigh Road, patrolled the Arabian Sea, the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal. Then came the big test for the fledgling air force in India: providing air support to the British-led land and naval forces attempting to roll back the Japanese military expansion into the subcontinent. The IAF of that time, manned mostly by British personnel but also some Indian nationals including a handful of Muslim pilots, engineers and ground crews, was hardly a decade old when the war ended. This IAF’s outstanding contribution to the defeat of the Japanese invasion was greatly praised and in a gesture of the colonial times, the prefix Royal was added to its name, which became the RIAF.

Pakistan Air Force

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